Welcome to United Sessions
The station that brings all styles together. Everything from live Djs to Host, Producers and  bands.  This is the place where you can come to enjoy all things musical.. So kick back and enjoy the music here on United Sessions.

If you are interested in hosting your own show or even getting your muisc on air?Please drop me a line on our contact page . 
 United Sessions was first started back in 2006. It was an event I put on with a mixture of djs. That played all different styles . 
After that event a few years later I was looking for a diffrerent way of letting people hear the muisc I was playing. So I was using such things like yahoo voice chat and you tube , But wasn't quite what I was looking for. Until a friend of mine put me on to this way of broadcasting. So I created a free account to see what it was like with only a few listeners . 
So I thought i was time to take it to the next level. 
I haven't done this all by myself, I do have to give thanks for the support of some good friends that did show me alot. I'm talking about Dj Mick2000 , Nexus and Hattrix. 
I have always wanted to do this even as a little kid sitting in front of my little tape deck playing music through a walkie talkie thinking I was some radio person. 
Its just really good to see that you can make dreams come true . 

Paul van Hout